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Career Ready Workforce Certification

Photo of Career Ready Workforce Certification Recipients

Career Ready Workforce Certification (CRWC) has received State and National Awards for meeting the top demand of employers for a soft skills curriculum that would meet the critical needs of their business. 14 competencies such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork are learned over a 4-day curriculum at our Workforce Career Centers. As a fee for service, training can also be customized.

Del Mar College and Coastal Bend College provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs), a college transcript and alumni membership for all participants who complete the program.

Geno Vargas, CRWC facilitator, is just as dynamic today in delivering the 14 Essential Skills – “soft skills” used in every occupation since its inception in Year 2011. The importance of – and need for – employees to have appropriate levels of workplace Essential Skills is clear and strong, as evident in the continuing success of CRWC now in its sixth year. Even the familiar CRWC phrase “I’m the Best!” is a belief that continues to carry graduates to their next success.

[icon name=”quote-left” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””]I now have faith and hope in myself like I never had before. [icon name=”quote-right” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””]
– Carolyn, Graduate 
[icon name=”quote-left” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””] The motivation I needed being a single mom and knowing that I can, and I am the Best! [icon name=”quote-right” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””]
– Daniela, Graduate
[icon name=”quote-left” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””] I’ve gone to hundreds of training/workshops. I have never seen one like this. [icon name=”quote-right” class=”q_icon” unprefixed_class=””]
– Jamie, Graduate 

While hard skills may get your foot in the door, soft skills will keep you there. Employers have retained their workforce with improved morale, enhanced worker engagement and a good fit for the team after workplace Essential Skills training – positive for businesses and workers alike. Testimonies shared at CRWC graduations say it all.

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