Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

JAN’s mission is to facilitate the employment and retention of workers with disabilities by providing employers, employment providers, people with disabilities, their family members and other interested parties with information on job accommodations, entrepreneurship, and related subjects. JAN’s work helps:


  • Hire, retain, and promote qualified employees with disabilities.
  • Provide information on accommodation options and practical solutions.
  • Become educated about their responsibilities under the Americans with
  • Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act.
  • Reduce workers’ compensation and other insurance costs.
  • Address issues pertaining to accessibility.

People with Disabilities

  • Become educated about their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Acquire accommodation options.
  • Learn about other government and placement agencies.

Rehabilitation Professionals

  • Facilitate placement of clients through accommodation assistance.
  • Brainstorm accommodation options.
  • Find local resources for workplace assessment.
  • Discover resources for device fabrication and modification.

People Affected by Disability

  • Discover local, regional, and national organizations, resources, and support groups.
  • Obtain helpful accommodation and legislative information.

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