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Sinton Career Center
1113 East Sinton 78387

Career Center Services
We can help you get a job with all the services we have to offer you at no cost! Learn about WorklnTexas.com, latest Labor Market Information (LMI), job placement and education /training
services, use of office equipment, community partner resources, workshops, Hot Jobs! ($12.00+ per hour) and more!

Computer Basics
This workshop is designed for the individual who has little to no experience or knowledge of operating a personal computer. You will learn Basic Microsoft Windows and how to access the
Internet to search for job related sites.

Job Readiness/Job Club
This is a great opportunity to network with other job seekers. Networking is the #1 strategy for finding employment. Topics will cover interviewing skills, job application tips to
include on-line applications, job search techniques, stress management, budgeting, customer service, and communication skills. Join us for workforce topics every week with special featured topics presented by the experts!

Microsoft Excel
A beginners guide to learn how to create and save a worksheet, enter text and values, basic formatting, formulas and printing.

Microsoft Word

A beginners class to learn how to create and save a document, spell check and change spacing and page margins. We will navigate, format, select and move text, create numbered lists,
and more!

Resume Writing

Develop an effective resume that will impress any employer. You will receive assistance in formatting the resume for a professional look as well as how to effectively present your resume
and cover letter to employers. Don’t forget your thank you cards!

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